Sweating For Vets and First Responders

Having lived the life I’ve lived, and seeing the other side, not being to attack what was in front of me has made me happy.
David Goggins

Each day, our first responders go to work to serve their communities. They are well aware of the risks they are up against each day, yet they still put on the uniform and go to work.

Living in a constant state of readiness has a significant impact on the physiology and psychology of an individual and eventually, for many servicemen and women, there comes a time when they need support as well.

Having friends, colleagues and professional supports available to help in times when they need it most is important and positively impacts the mental and physical health of police officers, firefighters, paramedics, corrections officers and veterans.

Over the next year, Karl will be dedicating all of his training to the men and women who show up each day to serve and protect our communities. In an effort to make a difference, Karl will be working towards completing 5000km of accumulated training throughout the year and hopes to raise $10,000 for Wounded Warriors Canada.

You can follow along with Karl’s efforts at the following links:

  1. Strava workout log
  2. Google drive workout log
  3. Instagram

You can donate to Wounded Warriors Canada at Karl’s donation page by clicking on the button below…

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